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SEND Support + Outreach

Enhanced Resource Provision

SEND / Enhanced Resource Provision

The school is also classed and funded by the Local Authority (LA) as an Enhanced Resource Provision (ERP), offering 8 full time places for children with a range of special needs and disabilities (SEND).

Children who attend the Enhanced Resource Centre access all the same opportunities as children who have a place in the mainstream nursery school. They learn through playing in the same areas, use the same resources and are included in the same special activities, e.g. Forest School, creative movement, singing and dancing, to name but a few!

However, in addition to this the children in the Enhanced Resource Provision also receive;

  • Support from a SEND teaching assistant with a ratio of 1:3  (ratios in the main nursery school are 1:13). This is in the form of support during freeplay and group-time, as well as quiet 1:1 work.
  • A ‘My Support Plan’ which sets out their learning outcomes and includes contributions from the child, their parents/carers, the school, and professionals involved in working with the child.
  • Help with their personal care and feeding needs.
  • Regular visits from our Educational Psychologist, Speech Therapists or occupational therapists as needed who advise our staff about how to best meet the needs of the child.
  • Regular review meetings with staff and the other professionals involved.
  • Support from the school to request the statutory assessment process if necessary (Education, Health and Care plans).
  • Access to our sensory room with a member of staff. A wonderful fun-filled experience!
  • Alternative communication to meet the needs of each child

Our SENDCO who deals with all enquiries is Claire Rigden, Head teacher and co-SENDCO Martin Cumming, Assistant Head and Inclusion Leader.

Visit the Local Offer to find out what is available in York for disabled children/children and young people with special educational needs and their families.

Frequently Asked Questions regarding our SEND provision

At St Paul’s Nursery we pride ourselves on meeting the needs of the individual child in our setting. Below are some frequently asked questions about the Enhanced Resource Provision (ERP).

What makes St Paul’s Nursery unique?

St Paul’s Nursery school has three qualified teachers, including Mrs Rigden our head teacher. Between us we have over 50 years teaching experience in Nursery and Primary education as well as highly skilled and experienced Teaching Assistants. Two members of staff have the National Award for Special Educational Needs Co-ordination, we have expertise in Social Communication, Emotional Regulation and Transactional Support (SCERTS) approach, Makaton for communication, ELKLAN language training and Emotional Literacy Support (ELSA). We have also been awarded the portage stamp of approval for our use of portage techniques and support within the setting.
Using these skills we tailor support to meet the needs of the children in our care.

What is an enhanced resource provision (ERP) place?

It is a place at St Paul’s Nursery School with additional, significant support.
The ERP is designed to allow children with additional needs to be able to access the same opportunities and experiences as other children at St Paul’s Nursery School but with a higher level of support and personal adaptation.
It isn’t a physical thing or space, it is a way of supporting children and allowing
them to access specially adapted curriculums to meet their individual needs.

How do I access a place for my child?

To be eligible for a place, children must have a My Support Plan and need support at a specific level.
An application is made to the local authority and then a panel meet to discuss the needs of the child and whether the ERP would meet that need. If the panel agree a place is offered and from then the child is enrolled at the nursery.

How is my child’s progress monitored across the year?

At the nursery we have termly My Support Plan (MSP) meetings with all  professionals and the family to discuss the outcomes and targets set in the MSP and to decide whether the ERP provision remains the correct type of provision for the child. We also look ahead to primary school and what level of support may be needed there, implementing it early so that a smooth transition may be made.

Termly monitoring of progress

As well as the MSP meetings, the lead teacher for the ERP will gather evidence about your child and assess where they are in relation to the Early Years curriculum, using a document called Development Matters. This allows us to track your child’s progress and to see where they are succeeding and where we need

to target additional support. For this document please see  AMENDED.pdf

Short term monitoring of progress

Using the MSP and current assessments, your child’s teacher and key worker will plan together weekly and daily activities and experiences matched to your child’s level of ability that will enable them to make progress and develop key skills of play, communication and learning.
These activities are evaluated constantly and adapted to suit your child and to keep them motivated and happy at nursery, learning whilst playing and interacting.

What might a typical day look like?

The nursery is split into three main areas, outside (known as Adventure Island), room one and busy room, whenever possible we keep them all open and the children can freeflow between them as they choose.
We also have other smaller rooms – blue, yellow and green rooms, that we use for smaller group times. Children on the ERP generally use the green room as it also has access to our sensory room and smaller quiet work space where targeted speech and language work takes place.
Each three hour session follows the same routine (8:30 – 11:30, then 12:30 – 3:30): Settling in and regulating
Group time Snack
Free flow play
Group time to end the session

For children on the ERP targeted learning takes place during free flow play by interacting with the children where they choose to play and using methods such as modelling, questioning, mirroring (copying) and using certain signs/symbols to develop learning through play.

In their group time children learn how to listen to others, communicate by responding to their name, making choices through choosing, signing or picking a picture of a desired toy and learning to accept other children around them. We call this communication group.

What adult to child ratio is it?

As a school, general nursery children are on a ratio of one adult to thirteen children, (although we always overstaff to ensure quality) but the ERP is staffed as one adult to three children. From this reduced ratio we can dramatically increase the amount of time your child will get specific intervention from an adult in small games, sharing, turn taking and whatever their other outcomes are that are listed on their MSP.

My child is a fussy eater. What food is available?

We have freely available snack daily, but children on the ERP also use this as a learning opportunity to swap pictures for food, request using simple language and try new foods.
The selection of snack usually available is milk, water, crackers, cheese, apples, orange, melon, bananas, grapes, pears or other seasonal fruit.

At lunch time our meals are cooked in house, all from fresh ingredients. There is a general menu, however our cook is flexible and caters for all allergies and specific dietary requirements. If special arrangements are needed please speak to our admin team.
All children in nursery sit on tables of 8 with an adult who supports and encourages them to eat their meals, and develop social skills. This takes place in our dining room upstairs.

How will I know what they have been doing at nursery?

Every child has a face to face hand over with a member of staff giving you all the information you need. If you do not collect your child we can send this information via the family app that we use every day.

As with all places at St Paul’s Nursery we aim to work together in partnership with you to support your child to meet their full potential and prepare them for the exciting stages that await them at primary school.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions you may have.

PDF available to download below.

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