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Early Talk for York​​​

St Paul's Nursery are proud to follow the Early Talk for York (ETFY) approach, improving speech, communication and language outcomes for our children. Further details of which can be found at We are now part of the city wide delivery group.

As part of the ETFY approach all children are assessed using the Wellcomm assessment. We look to see if children are working at the appropriate level for their age group, a green score on the assessment. If children score amber or red we tailor support to meet the needs of the individual child. This is carried out in either a whole group setting or through small group/1 to 1 sessions. We use the Big Book of Ideas to help support this. 

Speech, language and communication continues to be a priority at St Paul's Nursery School and is a large part of our Covid recovery catch up. 

Through this approach we have achieved Communication Friendly Setting Status through ELKLAN, details of which can be found in the ELKLAN section to the right. 

As part of the ETFY approach we were interviewed by Liz Elks retired director and founder of ELKLAN who asked us how ETFY and achieving Communication Friendly Setting status has impacted speech, language and communication of children in Nursery.

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