Our aim is to instill in your child a love of reading and that begins with exposure to a wide range of books.

We have hundreds in nursery and we like to share them with our families.

You will find the library books in the reception area. We have a wide range of library books which you can borrow and change as frequently as you like but please do not take more than one at a time.

Sometimes your child will choose a book that they have had before. Re – reading stories again and again is a good way of helping your child to recognise patterns, use vocabulary correctly and to memorise story structure.

Some ways you can help your child are:

  • Ensuring they know how to hold a book correctly and turn the pages properly.
  • Do they know the difference between words, pictures and numbers?
  • Can they tell you what they see on a page?
  • Who is the story about? How are they feeling?
  • What can they tell you just by looking at pictures?
  • Can they guess what might happen next?
  • Can they join in with any rhyming words?