Firm Foundations

Firm Foundations is a set of fun, simple activities designed for young children to help develop literacy skills. The games develop key skills such as auditory memory and visual discrimination as well as helping children focus on an activity and take turns.

All the activities come in a zip wallet with instructions. The idea is to take home one activity a week which should take about 5 minutes and which you should do once or twice. However, if your child prefers to do more or less than this that is fine!

Firm Foundations are in the open cupboard in the Reception Area of Nursery school; The packs are in stages starting with yellow. There are 9 activities in each stage which you can do in any order. You need to complete all 9 yellow packs before moving onto blue then green then red. Please put the date on the sheet when you take a pack and tick off when you return.

If you have any questions please speak to Ms Kendall.

Apply for a place

We admit new children the term after their third birthday. Parents may add their child’s name to the waiting list once their child is 2 years old. Parents of prospective pupils are most welcome to visit the nursery school by prior arrangement.

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